DO NOT ­Resuscitate

A gothic graphic novel about the horror of loneliness

Created by Ingrid Pierre

Mara is a young woman trying to cope with her fiancé’s terminal illness. But when he returns from the grave to live with her as a corpse, she struggles to keep from losing him all over again.

Front and back cover of Do Not Resuscitate

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Paperback Book
Perfect-bound, satin-finished, full-color throughout
6.625 x 10.25 in
84 pages

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John Yang Face Illustration

“You never want to talk about death.
The ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order isn’t about speeding up the end. Just not getting in its way.”

John Yang Born December 11, 1965
Died October 3 and October 21, 1996

The Author on the Making of her first Graphic Novel

Ingrid is an artist and designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ she also writes a webcomic about growing up mixed-race in America called, ‘Secret Black Woman’.​​

Watch the video to hear her share how she completed her graphic novel using Procreate for iPad Pro, and how the book almost ended up as a misguided zombie-themed concept album.

DNR Comic Sample Image 1

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